Disclosures about Arbitrations Received on or after January 1, 2003 - Not Sortable

The OIA has maintained this disclosure table pursuant to Section 1281.96 of the California Code of Civil Procedure since January 1, 2003.  That section has been amended to require that beginning January 1, 2015, arbitrator provider organizations provide additional information about new cases and that the information be provided in a format that is sortable as well as searchable.  To see that disclosure, go to the sortable disclosure table.  The OIA decided to maintain this disclosure table for those people who find this format easier to use. 

All of the arbitrations in the OIA system are considered consumer arbitrations because Kaiser Foundation Health Plan’s member contracts require that all disputes be arbitrated.

The information required by Section 1281.96 is set out in a table, and each box describes a different arbitration.  This table contains information about all arbitrations received by the OIA since January 1, 2003.  The same type of information is found in the same place of each box.  In arbitrations now open, much of the information will not yet exist and so the space in the box will be blank.  Most of the information in the table is from records the OIA maintains.  Some of the information, however, is from the demand for arbitration or it is reported to the OIA by the neutral arbitrator at the conclusion of a case.  An entry reading "Unknown" means either that the demand for arbitration did not specify that information, or that the neutral arbitrator did not give the OIA that information.

The first item below will take you to the table itself and the second will take you to an explanation of the contents of the table.

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  1. Disclosure Table
  2. Explanation of the Contents of the Table