Disclosure Table about Arbitrations Received in Past Five years - Sortable

In 2014, the California Legislature amended Section 1281.96 of the California Code of Civil Procedure to require organizations such as the OIA to add additional pieces of information about cases it administers after January 1, 2015, and to do so in a sortable format.

This table does so, but some of the cases may not have all the new pieces of information required because the OIA began posting on 10/1/14.  Help in using the table is provided at the top of the table.  You can also call the OIA at 213-637-9847.

The first link below will take you to the table itself and the second will take you to an explanation of the contents of the table.

  1. Sortable Dislosure Table
  2. Explanation of the Contents of the Sortable Disclosure Table