Rules and Information

Forms for Parties

Forms for Neutral Arbitrators

Names of Neutral Arbitrators

To Become a Neutral Arbitrator
Materials Related to California's Ethics Standards for Neutral Arbitrators
Blue Ribbon Panel's 1998 Report
Annual Reports
Report Summary

Arbitration Oversight Board Comments

Disclosures by the OIA
Comments and Suggestions / OIA Contact Information


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Welcome to the Home Page for the Office of the Independent Administrator, or the "OIA."  The OIA administers arbitrations between Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and its California health plan members.  The OIA is a neutral, independent office.  We are not part of Kaiser.

The first five items listed below contain information and forms that the parties and the neutral arbitrators may need during their arbitrations.  The Rules are the most important as they, along with state law, control the process of the arbitration.  They are posted in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

The website also provides information about the arbitration process the OIA oversees that may be of interest to the public, as well as parties involved in a single case.  You can obtain the annual reports that the OIA publishes each year, as well as disclosures about cases and the OIA that the state of California requires.  The annual reports describe, for a given year, the OIA's pool of neutral arbitrators, how long it took for the parties to select a neutral arbitrator and the procedures they used, how cases closed and the length of time it took to do so, the makeup and activities of the Arbitration Oversight Board, and other matters.  The OIA's most current Report Summary and the comments on the report by the Arbitration Oversight Board are also available.  In addition, the 1998 report by the Blue Ribbon Panel that lead to the creation of the OIA is also available.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

  1. Rules and Information
  2. Forms for Parties
  3. Forms for Neutral Arbitrators
  4. Names of Neutral Arbitrators
  5. To Become a Neutral Arbitrator
  6. Material Related to California's Ethics Standards for Neutral Arbitrators
  7. Blue Ribbon Panel's 1998 Report on Kaiser Permanente Arbitration
  8. Annual Reports
  9. Report Summary
  10. Arbitration Oversight Board Comments
  11. Disclosures by the OIA
  12. Comments and Suggestions / OIA Contact Information


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