Forms for Parties

  1. Demand for Arbitration
  2. Joint Selection of Neutral Arbitrator
  3. Agreement to Serve — Party Arbitrator
  4. Explanation of Waivers
  5. Request Form for Waiver of Filing Fee Only (Code Civil Procedure Section 1284.3)
  6. Request Form for Waiver of Filing Fee and Fees and Expenses of Neutral Arbitrator
  7. Waiver of Objection to Payment of Fees
  8. Waiver of Party Arbitrator — Claimants
  9. Waiver of Party Arbitrator — Respondents
  10. Stipulation — Demand for Arbitration claiming $200,000 or less
  11. Mandatory Settlement Meeting
  12. Designation of Complex Arbitration
  13. Designation of Extraordinary Arbitration
  14. Notice of Settlement
  15. Notice of Withdrawal