Each section contains information about a separate arbitration.  These arbitrations closed on or after July 1, 2002, as a result of a decision by the neutral arbitrator dismissing the claim, granting summary judgment, or issuing an award after a hearing.  

Date of Disposition: The date of the neutral arbitrator’s decision.

Prevailing Party: When the claimant won after a hearing, "Consumer" appears.  When the respondent won a summary judgment or other dispositive motion or after a hearing, "Non-Consumer" appears.  When the case was dismissed by the neutral arbitrator for non-substantive reasons, "Not Applicable" appears.

Amount of Award: The amount of money awarded to the consumer or claimant, if any.  The monetary award includes any costs awarded.

The names of the neutral arbitrator and attorneys are listed in alphabetical order.  The attorneys are described as either the consumer or non-consumer attorney.  In cases where the claimants represent themselves, only the names of the non-consumer attorneys are listed.  The name of the claimant is not listed.